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Pensacola Beach Condo RentalLooking for the best location to have a vacation? Look no further, because Pensacola Beach Condo Rental is where you need to go! Whether you are learning more about your U.S. History, studying the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, partying at a club, trying some of the most unique restaurants, or just relaxing on the world famous white sandy beaches, there is something for everybody at Pensacola Beach Condo Rental.


Something you can do at Pensacola Beach Condo Rental is learn more about our city’s history. Since this was the first city to be founded in America, our city history goes back FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! In fact, 2010 was our city’s five hundredth anniversary. You can also check out “The Cross.” Not only is it an amazing spot to surf, but it is also the first place where the Spanish landed in the United States. Another great place to visit is Fort Pickens — built during the Civil War, Fort Pickens and Fort Barrancas were going to be the start of the Civil War, but the spread of Malaria from mosquitoes prevent the battles from happening. Recently, sunken Spaniard Ships, that were obliterated by a hurricane when the city of Pensacola first abandon, were found near the coast of Pensacola. The ironic part is that the ships were undetectable until they were uncovered by another hurricane.


If American History isn’t your cup of tea, there is also your choice of science at Pensacola Beach Condo Rental. You might have already heard that recently, the Gulf Coast had the worse oil spill our nation had ever seen, but from the help of volunteering locals, government aid, Coast guard, and many great ideas, the majority of our beaches and the Gulf of Mexico beauty had been saved. Some things to look for on Pensacola Beach are the nesting sites of baby sea turtles and local birds. There are also man-made reefs near the coast to scuba dive for all the plants and exotic fish down at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Some examples are the “The Mighty O” (USS Oriskany) or the newly-found Spanish Ship that came at the time of our city birth. If you have children and want to give them a learning experience about science during summer break, then visit Little Sabine to discover all the sea creatures they can catch like crabs, shrimp, sea horses, hermit crabs, needle nose fish, and even baby sharks. Sounds like a great learning experience and a fun vacation for the kids.  If you’re more interested in “the study of fishing”, all across the island are plenty of public fishing spots.

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Once you find the perfect rental at Pensacola Beach Condo Rental, then the fun stuff you can do at Pensacola Beach are just a short walk away. If you are one to eat for the taste and not to survive, then Pensacola Beach is probably one of best — if not the best — place to try a variety of food from local grills to world famous restaurants. Some examples are Flounders, Crabs, Land Shark, Grand Marlin, Hooters, Peg Leg Pete’s, and Dog House Deli. A good local place is Dog House Deli; Dog House Deli was established in downtown Pensacola in ’77, and instantly became a well-known restaurant. It now has a place on Pensacola Beach where you can try their famous family recipe like Banana Bread Pudding and Red Beans and Rice; and why not try a hot dog with all the toppings you can imagine on it. If you are more fascinated in world famous things in life, then Crabs is the restaurant you need to try while at Pensacola Beach Condo Rentals. Crabs is pretty much known for their…. Yeah, you got it, crabs; it’s one of the top ten beach eateries in the world! Margaritaville Beach Hotel is a new but well-known franchise that recently became a part of Pensacola Beach. Inside its first hotel ever built, there are two places to eat that have two completely different atmospheres. Their beach environment restaurant is known by Land Shark; it is an outside restaurant with a Hawaiian fire place, bar, band area, plenty of games for kids, and a paradise area to relax. Their other restaurant is a formal wear restaurant inside the hotel itself.  Margaritaville and Grand Marlin are probably the only restaurants you need to dress-to-impress, but you will get the finest food that money can buy.

NIGHT LIFEPensacola Beach Condo Rental

Are you wanting to party all night during your vacation? There are plenty of good clubs and bars to visit while staying with Pensacola Beach Condo Rental. Castaways, Captain Fun, Flounders, Bamboo Willies, and The Dock are the best places to try out. All near the Pensacola Beach boardwalk, these clubs will have your head spinning with excitement while meeting new people and listening to great DJs and bands throughout the night. If you’re still underage, Captain Fun is available for eighteen and older crowds on certain days of the week; and all ages can come to Castaways and enjoy until any time of the night, featuring Latin Night dancing on Friday nights and West Coast Swing (plus variety of genres) dancing on Sunday nights. If you combine these places with a festival, holiday, or even the weekend, you will have twice as much fun. Some of the well-known holidays and festivals are the Pensacola Air Show Weekend, De Luna Festival, Bushwhacker Festival, Memorial Day Weekend, and Fourth of July weekend. De Luna Fest is a weekend full of well-known and local bands and singers all playing at Casino Beach; Bushwhacker Festival is a weekend full of drinking until you drop on the boardwalk; Fourth of July and Pensacola Air Show Weekend takes place the same week and it’s a 10 day week of shows and fireworks!

This is just a small amount of things you can do at Pensacola Beach while staying with Pensacola Beach Condo Rental. To learn more, visit the Pensacola Beach Condo Rental website. See you soon!